I can’t log into Kapseli. What should I do?

Before logging in, make sure your username is registered and ready for use. If you are unsure whether your account is ready for use, please contact your Findata contact person or the Kapseli customer service: kapseli@findata.fi

How to log into Kapseli:

  1. Install the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone and activate it (developer: Duo Security Inc.). If you have already installed and activated the app, go to step 2.
    • Installation: download the Duo Mobile app from the app store on your mobile phone and install it.
    • Activation: The mobile phone numbers provided in connection with your Kapseli automatically receive an activation message for using Duo Mobile. To activate the application, click the link in the activation message.
  2. Log into Kapseli at https://kapseli.findata.fi using your computer’s web browser.
    1. From the list on the login page, select the authentication method that is listed in your registration. Log in via the intermediate steps required for authentication.
  3. From the available user environments, select the one you intend to use. If you have only one user environment, go to the next section.
    1. Once selected, the system enters the second phase of authentication.
  4. Second phase of two-step authentication.
    1. Log into the user environment.
    2. You will receive a notification from Duo Mobile that you have attempted to login. Your login is approved via Duo Mobile by selecting ‘Approve’.