If you already have a Nextcloud connection, go to Encrypt the data and transfer it to Nextcloud

Before logging in to the service, find out the public IP address of your organisation for the network from which the material will be transferred.

The following addresses are not public and are therefore not suitable for the transfer of material:

  • addresses starting with:
    • 10.
    • 192.168.
  • or in the ranges:
    • –
    • 224.0 – 239.255

If you do not know your organisation-specific IP address, contact your organisation’s IT support unit.

  1. Log into the Findata customer service at asiointi.findata.fi
  2. Go to the Data Catalogue tab
  3. Under Apply for new access rights, select the form called New Nextcloud ID order
  4. Complete and submit the form
  5. If additional information is required for registration, our partner organisation CSC will contact you by email
  6. When you receive a notification from CSC that a connection has been opened, go to the next section