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Finnish Social and Health Data Permit Authority Findata

We grant permits for the secondary use of social and health care data and improve data protection for individuals. After granting the permit we compile, combine and pre-process it and offer tools for analysing.

Average total duration of application processing

Data permit: 3–5 months from submitting an application to a permit decision
From submitting amendment application to permit: 1–4 weeks
From submitting request for statistical data to decision: 3–6 months
Data: 3–6 months
The delivery time of the data is affected by the number of data controllers and how many stages the data is collected.

Applications received and decisions made in 2024, updated 6 June 2024

47 data permit applications
Share 2024: 35 %
In 2023: 85 pcs (29 %)
Total: 613 pcs
70 amendement applications
Share 2024: 53 %
In 2023: 173 pcs (58 %)
Total: 585 pcs
16 statistical data requests
Share 2024: 12 %
In 2023: 38 pcs (13 %)
Total: 132 pcs
154 decisions
Positive: 93 %
Lapsed: 7 %
In 2023: 351 pcs
Total: 1227 pcs

Status of received applications

12 pre-process
6 in queue
57 in process

Tips for the applicant

Read our tips on what makes a good application and how you can speed up the application process.

Issued permits

See which projects we have granted a data permit, amendment permit or a data request decision.


Read Findata’s regulations on secure processing environments, data descriptions, data permit applications and data utilisation plans.

Frequently asked questions

Browse frequently asked questions and their answers about our services and the Secondary Use Act.

FinHITS – Towards the Future of the Secondary Use of Health Data

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