Findata’s popular personal consultation service continues in the autumn

The popularity of the personal consultation service, piloted in spring 2024, exceeded expectations: in three months, 56 appointments for personal consultation were made. At its busiest, there were up to nine meetings per week.

“Customer feedback was extremely positive, and all those who booked an appointment would recommend the service to their colleagues,” says Mervi Siltanen, Head of Data Services at Findata.

The average feedback score on a scale of 0-10 was 9.9, and the Net Promoter Score was 95 (scale -100 to 100). Around 60% of those who booked an appointment gave feedback.

“Personal meetings have made it easier and faster to resolve complex issues, as we can discuss them together with the customer,” Siltanen continues.

The service also attracted interest from outside Finland: around a quarter of those who used the service were international applicants.

The service will continue in the fall, but due to staffing resources, the availability of appointment times will be reduced.

“By slightly reducing the availability of times, we can ensure that the quality of the meetings does not suffer and that there are no delays in the processing of applications,” Siltanen explains.

Throughout the summer, Findata’s advisory services will operate as usual via email.

The personal consultation service is on summer break from June 1 to August 18 – book your appointment for the autumn now!

The appointment booking service will return from summer break on Monday, August 19. In the future, appointments will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Meetings last 20 minutes and are conducted remotely via Teams meetings.

We offer help in the following topics:

  • General consultation on Findata’s services
  • Data permit applications, amendments, and data requests
  • Extraction description form and other forms
  • Ordering Findata’s secure processing environment Kapseli, pausing, and data storage service

After booking, you will receive a confirmation email and a downloadable calendar reminder. We will send the link to the Teams meeting later.

The personal consultation service is provided as a part of the FinHITS project funded by the European Union.

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