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Kapseli remote access

Kapseli remote access system is Findata’s secure operating environment for processing data in accordance with the data permits. Kapseli is accessed remotely by logging in through a web browser.

Support requests, questions and other communications related to Kapseli are handled via kapseli@findata.fi.

There’s a monthly maintenance outage on the Thursday of the week after the second Tuesday of the month between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. The timing stems from Microsoft’s Windows updates, which always occur on the second Tuesday of the month. The remaining maintenance outages in 2021 are on 18 November and 23 December.

Kapseli may malfunction during this time, but it will be rectified after a maintenance outage.

On this page you will find:

General information about the Kapseli remote access system

Kapseli is a secure, remote access environment provided by Findata for processing pseudonymized individual-level data. We provide the access to the most common statistical software needed for data analysis. An up-to-date list of standard programs and their versions can be found below.

Kapseli is always data permit-specific, ie a separate Kapseli is created for each data in accordance with the data permit. Each Kapseli under each permit is billed separately, and it is not possible to use the same Kapseli to analyze the data in several different data permits.

You will receive usernames and credentials to Kapseli when

  • we have approved your permit application
  • we have compiled data from data controllers
  • you have completed the Kapseli order form and
  • we have entered into an agreement with you for the use of Kapseli.

Please fill in the Kapseli order form in the application system: https://lupa.findata.csc.fi/ (opens in a new window)

Available computing packages and their prices

The computing packages and other details presented below are selected using the order form.

The usage fee for Kapseli is based on the selected computing package as well as any additional items that can be ordered as an additional order, such as needs that exceed the XL computing capacity or installing your own software. You can find up-to-date prices on the Pricing page.

  • Kapseli S
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 4 cores
  • Kapseli M
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 6 cores
  • Kapseli L
    • 32 GB RAM
    • 8 cores
  • Kapseli XL
    • 64 GB RAM
    • 8 cores

By default, all computing packages have the following storage modes:

  • Work: 300 GB
  • Data: 300 GB
  • Backup: 5 GB
  • Output: 10 GB

What software Kapseli includes?

All Kapseli packages include the software according to the table below as standard. We will expand the range of software as needed.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC19.012.20036
Anaconda 32020.07
Google Chrome80.0.3987.132
IBM SPSS Statistics27
LibreOffice6.1.6.3Base, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math, Writer
R4.0.3 Includes CRAN-library packages

How to use Kapseli?

Findata’s secure Kapseli remote access system is a virtual computer, the use of which is very similar to using the Windows remote desktop. Windows remote desktop, on the other hand, is very similar to a computer’s own Windows desktop.

Kapseli can be accessed by logging in to its remote desktop via a web browser. Logging in requires strong, two-step authentication, which uses Suomi.fi authentication and a one-time SMS password.

We recommend using Firefox, Chrome or Safari when using Kapseli. No special performance is required on the user’s own computer, as the computing power comes from Kapseli. A sufficiently fast network connection will streamline use.

The most common word processing and statistical software is available in Kapseli. The software portfolio is updated as operations evolve.

If you need other software in addition to the standard software, it is possible on a request. Additional software can be either open access or license based. In the case of software that requires a license, the customer is responsible for the licenses. We charge 115.00 euros / hour (+ VAT 24%) for the installation of users’ own tools / software in Kapseli.

Can I transfer files to or from Kapseli myself?

All data transfer to and from Kapseli always takes place via Findata. Thus, there is no Internet access from Kapseli’s remote desktop, and it is not possible to transfer or copy data from your own computer to the remote desktop of Kapseli.

The data controllers submit the data specified in the permit to Findata, which transfers them to Kapseli. At Findata, the materials are pseudonymized and processed in accordance with the data minimization principle before being transferred to the customer’s use.

The data minimization principle means that personal data may be processed only to the extent necessary for their purpose.

The results of the analyses based on the data can be imported out of the system through Findata’s review procedure. We at Findata check that the results are sufficiently anonymous, after which it is possible to publish the results as well.

In addition, if necessary, we may transfer the material to a secure environment other than the Kapseli. However, this can only be done for necessary reasons and the operating environment must meet the security requirements set by Findata.

Use of Kapseli for permits granted by other authorities

It is also possible to use Kapseli in situations where the data permit has been granted by another authority. In this case, we charge two working hours (115 e / h) = 230 euros for the costs of receiving, checking and transferring the materials to Kapseli.

Details on ordering and using Kapseli are described in more detail above.

Standard terms of use for Kapseli

Users of the Kapseli agree to abide by the standard terms and conditions, which can be found in PDF format behind the link below.

In these terms of use, the processing of personal data is carried out by Findata. The controller is the party that has been identified or reported as the controller in the authority’s permit decision or other documentation concerning the data.

These terms of use apply to the export, use and removal of data from the Environment. Findata may modify these terms of use where there is a justified reason for doing so. Any changes made will be published on Findata’s website and also announced separately and in advance to the users of the Environment.

Findata has the right to make minor or technical changes to these terms of use without giving prior notice.

Regulation on the requirements for secure operating environments of other service providers

Findata has issued a regulation on the requirements set for other service providers’ secure operating environments. The regulation concerns the secondary use of social and health data.

According to the Act on Secondary Use, the analysis of data at individual level is only permitted in environments that meet the requirements of the regulation as of 1 May 2022. The requirements require the same level of information security as is required for Findata’s own operating environment.

This regulation applies to all purposes laid down in the Act on Secondary Use for which a data permit is required under the Act on Secondary Use. These purposes include scientific research, statistics, education and the planning and reporting duty of an authority. With regard to teaching, the regulation pertains to the preparation of teaching materials, not actual teaching.

You can find out more about the regulation by clicking the link below.

Regulation by the Health and Social Data Permit Authority Findata: Requirements for other service providers’ secure operating environments (PDF 252 Kb, opens in a new window)