Updated 21.09.2023


Log in to Findata’s e-services, transfer service Nextcloud or the Kapseli remote access system. When you access the service, your connection is secured.

Service disruptions

Changes in Findata’s e-service: old draft applications will be deleted six months after the last edit

In September 2023, we will introduce a feature in the e-service to automatically delete draft applications from the system if they have not been edited for 180 days.

If you have a draft application that you intend to send to Findata, please make the changes in time. We recommend that you always fill in or transfer the data to the latest version of the form. The draft will remain in the e-service for 180 days after the last save date.

If you have added your e-mail address to the e-service, you will receive an automatic e-mail reminder from the service 30 days before the draft is deleted. Check the address in the e-service settings by clicking your name in the top menu.

  • Automatic deletion only applies to draft applications that have not yet been sent to Findata.
  • If the application has been returned to you for completion, it will not be deleted. Submitted applications or received decisions will also not be deleted.

The aim of the change is to improve the efficiency of the application process by reducing the number of applications that are completed on the old versions of the forms and the related requests for additional information.


By logging in to the transaction service, you can

  • Apply for a data permit for individual-level data
  • Make a data request for statistical data
  • Apply for an amendment permit
  • Register as a Nextcloud transfer service user
  • Order a Kapseli remote access environment
  • Register as a user of the Kapseli or add users to a Kapseli
  • Review the applications you have submitted and the permit decisions you have received, as well as their attachments.

You log in to the service using Suomi.fi authentication or Haka login. If these methods of identification are not possible, request an identification form from info@findata.fi.

Please always log in using the same authentication method to see the applications you have submitted and the decisions you have received.

Nextcloud transfer service

With Nextcloud transfer service

  • data controllers can deliver the extracted data securely to Findata
  • customers, ie licensees, may securely deliver their own data, files or software to Findata.

Nextcloud is a secure data transfer service provided by Findata that allows encrypted personal data to be delivered to Findata.

The law obliges all data controllers within its scope to use the service maintained by Findata to transfer materials. Customers’ own materials, files, software, etc. are also transferred to Kapseli via Nextcloud.

Please register as a Nextcloud user on our e-service.


You will receive usernames for Kapseli when

  • you have received a positive permit decision
  • we have compiled material from data controllers
  • you have completed the Kapseli order form and
  • we have entered into an agreement with you for the use of the Kapseli.

Kapseli is a secure remote access environment provided by Findata, which is accessed via a web browser. You can find more information and the price list on the page Kapseli®.

Logging in requires strong, two-step authentication, which uses Suomi.fi authentication and a one-time SMS password or Haka login. Please use the same method of logging in as in our other services. If Suomi.fi identification and Haka login neither are possible, request an identification form from info@findata.fi.

Please register as a Kapseli user on our e-service.


Currently, the system automatically logs the applicant out after a certain time limit, and the form is not saved automatically. We advise to to save your unfinished application approximately every 15 minutes.

We have detected problems when using Internet Explorer. We recommend using other browsers.

Data permit, data permit amendment and data request application forms have been updated several times. Unfortunately it is not possible to copy old application versions as new ones. We kindly ask you to fill in a new application form.

Maintenance outages

Our systems have a monthly maintenance outage on the Thursday of the week after the second Tuesday of the month between 4 a.m. and 12 p.m. The timing stems from Microsoft’s Windows updates, which always occur on the second Tuesday of the month.

The services may malfunction during this time, but it will be rectified after a maintenance outage.