Updated 24.03.2023


Log in to Findata’s e-services, transfer service Nextcloud or the Kapseli remote access system. When you access the service, your connection is secured.

SPSS software version and license updated – send us an email if SPSS is not working

24 March 2023

We have updated SPSS to software version 29 and renewed the license. Due to the simultaneous update of the software version and the license, the SPSS license of some Kapseli environments may give an error message, and the software cannot be used.

If SPSS does not work, please send us an email to kapseli@findata.fi and tell us the ID of the Kapseli (e.g. A01) in the message. We forward repair requests to the service provider CSC as quickly as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The digital signature of Findata’s encryption tool has changed – download the new version

The signature on the tool used to encrypt data before sending it to Findata has changed. We have published a new version of the tool with a new signature on 9 March 2023. If you have downloaded the tool from the transfer service Nextcloud before 9 March 2023, you need download the new version from siirto.findata.fi.

How do I download the new version of the encryption tool?

The tool can be downloaded just like the old version. The new version can be found under the Salaustyökalut folder with file name Findata Encryption Tool.exe in the Nextcloud transfer service.

What happens if I do not download the new version?

If you don’t download the new version, it’s possible that the tool will not work, depending on the settings of your computer. Even though the old version might still work after, we strongly recommend you to download the new version for security reasons.

Are there any changes to the way the tool works?

No, there are no changes to the way the tool works.

What does “the signature of the encryption tool” mean?

The encryption tool is signed using a digital signature. The signature tells the user that the tool is from a trusted source, similar to how a certificate on a website indicated that the website is what it says it is and that a third party has not modified or forged it. Certificates are typically valid for few years at most, which means they have to be renewed on a regular basis. The encryption tool Findata provides is made by CSC.

Disturbances in the visibility of Kapseli network drives – delays in data processing and ensuring the anonymity of results

21 March 2023

Findata’s Kapseli operating environments have a disturbance due to which some network drives are not visible to users. The problem only affects the visibility of the drives. There are also backups of the files on the drives.

Network drives will appear by logging out of the Kapseli and back in: click “Sign out” (not “Disconnect”). However, the malfunction may recur before the corrective measures have been completed.

If re-login doesn’t help, please send an e-mail to the address kapseli@findata.fi and state the Kapseli ID (e.g. A01).

Disruptions in network drives also cause a delay in the processing of data and ensuring the anonymity of results at Findata. We are working to minimize delays.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the disturbance. We will update more information on this page 28 March.

Disturbances in our e-service

7 March 2023

There are disturbances in our e-service, which may appear as slowness and may prevent logging in, saving applications or sending applications.

If you get an error message, please try again in a moment. The service provider CSC investigates the cause of the malfunctions and makes repairs. We apologize for the inconvenience.


By logging in to the transaction service, you can

  • Apply for a data permit for individual-level data
  • Make a data request for statistical data
  • Apply for an amendment permit
  • Register as a Nextcloud transfer service user
  • Order a Kapseli remote access environment
  • Register as a user of the Kapseli or add users to a Kapseli
  • Review the applications you have submitted and the permit decisions you have received, as well as their attachments.

You log in to the service using Suomi.fi authentication or Haka login. If these methods of identification are not possible, request an identification form from info@findata.fi.

Please always log in using the same authentication method to see the applications you have submitted and the decisions you have received.

Nextcloud transfer service

With Nextcloud transfer service

  • data controllers can deliver the extracted data securely to Findata
  • customers, ie licensees, may securely deliver their own data, files or software to Findata.

Nextcloud is a secure data transfer service provided by Findata that allows encrypted personal data to be delivered to Findata.

The law obliges all data controllers within its scope to use the service maintained by Findata to transfer materials. Customers’ own materials, files, software, etc. are also transferred to Kapseli via Nextcloud.

Please register as a Nextcloud user on our e-service.


You will receive usernames for Kapseli when

  • you have received a positive permit decision
  • we have compiled material from data controllers
  • you have completed the Kapseli order form and
  • we have entered into an agreement with you for the use of the Kapseli.

Kapseli is a secure remote access environment provided by Findata, which is accessed via a web browser. You can find more information and the price list on the page Kapseli®.

Logging in requires strong, two-step authentication, which uses Suomi.fi authentication and a one-time SMS password or Haka login. Please use the same method of logging in as in our other services. If Suomi.fi identification and Haka login neither are possible, request an identification form from info@findata.fi.

Please register as a Kapseli user on our e-service.


Currently, the system automatically logs the applicant out after a certain time limit, and the form is not saved automatically. We advise to to save your unfinished application approximately every 15 minutes.

We have detected problems when using Internet Explorer. We recommend using other browsers.

Data permit, data permit amendment and data request application forms have been updated several times. Unfortunately it is not possible to copy old application versions as new ones. We kindly ask you to fill in a new application form.

Maintenance outages

Our systems have a monthly maintenance outage on the Thursday of the week after the second Tuesday of the month between 4 a.m. and 12 p.m. The timing stems from Microsoft’s Windows updates, which always occur on the second Tuesday of the month.

The services may malfunction during this time, but it will be rectified after a maintenance outage.