1. Log in to our e-service (asiointi.findata.fi).
  2. From the top menu select “Submit application”
  3. Scroll down and select “Order or update of the Kapseli operating environment or the data storage service” from under Select a new application form from below and click “Fill in the application”.
  4. Complete the application form
    • Enter your own name in the applicant field
    • After this, using the “Invite a member” button add all the persons and email addresses that need user rights to Kapseli
    • The invited persons will join using multi factor authentication
    • Complete the rest of the form
    • Please note, that R-Tools is not automatically installed in Kapseli. If you need R-Tools, indicate this in the additional information section of the form.
  5. Finally, select Send application from the “Actions” section.