Changes in Findata’s e-service: old draft applications will be deleted six months after the last edit

In September, we will introduce a feature in the e-service to automatically delete draft applications from the system if they have not been edited for 180 days.

If you have a draft application that you intend to send to Findata, please make the changes in time. We recommend that you always fill in or transfer the data to the latest version of the form. The draft will remain in the e-service for 180 days after the last save date.

If you have added your e-mail address to the e-service, you will receive an automatic e-mail reminder from the service 30 days before the draft is deleted. Check the address in the e-service settings by clicking your name in the top menu.

Automatic deletion only applies to draft applications that have not yet been sent to Findata.

If the application has been returned to you for completion, it will not be deleted. Submitted applications or received decisions will also not be deleted.

The aim of the change is to improve the efficiency of the application process by reducing the number of applications that are completed on the old versions of the forms and the related requests for additional information.

Application forms were updated in spring 2023: take the following into account

The forms for data permit application, data request and amendment application were updated during March–May 2023. If you have a draft application completed on the older form that has not yet been sent to Findata, we recommend that you transfer the data to the updated form.

You can submit an application completed on the old forms for processing, but then we will have to request additional information from you as the updated form asks for new information.