Data permit applicant: verify the feasibility of extraction from controllers before submitting an application

We have published a more comprehensive extraction description form that allows applicants to ask controllers about the feasibility and costs of extractions in a consistent way.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers have access to the best information in good time. Data permit applicants can now download a new form from our website for describing the personal data they want extracted. When the form is filled in, it can be attached to the data permit application.

“Until now, these checks have not happened until the processing of the applications when we send extraction requests and cost estimate requests to controllers in bulk. In our experience, this way has been a lot of work for everyone, and it has caused most of the delays in the processing of applications”, says Mervi Siltanen, Head of Data Services at Findata.

The extraction description form includes instructions for filling it in, with separate fields for applicants and controllers.

“Our long-term goal is to offer a system where applicants and controllers can work together to produce specific information on variables. The form that we are now introducing is the minimum version of this system. We are happy to hear if people have any development proposals related to the form”, says Siltanen. 

The extraction description form is available for download at:

A plan prepared together reduces additional extractions and corrections afterwards

When an applicant and controllers work together to draw up a plan for extraction at an earlier stage, it can help avoid situations where the variables to be retrieved do not exist in a register, variables are missing in the data received by the applicant or data resources do not meet the needs of a project. 

“It also increases predictability. Controllers get advance information about projects and upcoming extractions”, says Siltanen. 

From the applicants’ perspective, using the extraction description form reduces unpleasant surprises in terms of the feasibility and costs of extractions.

As we process each application, we will still confirm the cost estimates reported by the controllers on the forms.

Updated version of the data permit application form to be published in early 2023 

The data permit application form is also being updated. The aim of the update is to facilitate the use of services and to minimise requests for additional information sent to applicants. 

The upcoming application form will be more structured and include more guidance. The texts on the form have also been proofread and the questions have been organised into more distinct categories. 

Contrary to what was previously announced, the updated application form was not published yet in our e-service in November, and the publication will be postponed to the beginning of next year for technical reasons. We will provide further information on the date of publication later.

The extraction description form that has now been published can be used as an attachment to both the current and the upcoming application form.


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