Findata and controllers continue successful experiment on extraction error policy

Findata and eleven controllers have agreed to continue their cooperation on the costs of extraction errors. With the signed cooperation agreement, the customer will not be charged for any additional work resulting from the extraction errors. The model was piloted between 1 September 2023 and 28 February 2024.

The idea behind the cooperation model is that if the extraction has to be repeated due to an error made by Findata or the controller, no more than the price estimate given in the permit decision will be charged for the re-extraction and additional data processing.

“The six-month pilot was a success. It clarified procedures and saved time, for example by reducing the need to work out how much additional costs would be charged and how they would be invoiced. At the same time, the model is fair for the customer and promotes predictability,” says Maari Parkkinen, Development Manager at Findata.

Chained extractions, where different controllers extract the data at different stages, are challenging in terms of extraction errors.

“If an error occurs at the initial stage of a chained extraction and the whole data set has to be re- extracted, additional work and therefore costs are incurred, even for those controllers who have not made the error. It has been unclear who will cover such additional costs. At worst, this has led to case-specific practices that are unfair to customers and difficult to predict,” says Parkkinen.

Agreeing on costs has also been quite laborious. In the past, some controllers may have charged customers for additional work caused by an error, while others did not.

“With the agreement, we have intensified our cooperation to prevent extraction errors. The documentation of the errors has been refined and the procedures will be further developed on the basis of this,” says Parkkinen.

As before, the costs of re-extractions due to customer error are in principle covered by the customer.

Controllers can join by signing the cooperation agreement

New controllers can join by contacting Findata.

Findata maintains a list of controllers who have signed the agreement. Currently, in addition to Findata, there are:

  • Regional State Administrative Agencies
  • Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • Finnish Centre for Pensions
  • HUS
  • Kela
  • Wellbeing Services County of Central Uusimaa
  • Wellbeing Services County of Pirkanmaa
  • National Institute for Health and Welfare
  • Statistics Finland
  • Valvira
  • Wellbeing Services County of Southwest Finland

Controllers also have the possibility to opt out of the agreement.

Here’s what to do if you find gaps or errors in your data

  1. Once you have received the material covered by a data permit or data request, please check it as soon as possible, but within three months at the latest.
  2. If you notice any omissions or errors, send a message to Findata at In the message, describe as precisely as possible how your data differs from the data described in the extraction description.
  3. Extractions under a data permit or data request will always be made on the basis of the extraction description.

If the extraction description you have provided is incomplete, you can complete the extraction by applying for an amendment permit or a new data permit to Findata.

The maximum price estimates given are based on the extraction description you have provided. If the extraction needs to be revised, a new maximum price estimate will be submitted with the new permit.


Maari Parkkinen

Development Manager +358 29 524 7602