You can pause your Kapseli operating environment, after which the current machine package will be disabled for the duration of the pause. During the pause, we maintain the operating environment and the materials within, but the users do not have access to it.

During the pause, the Kapseli order must be valid, but only the monthly pause fee will be charged. The standard Kapseli conditions are also valid for the duration of the pause.

When the scheduled pause ends, users can start to log in to Kapseli once again. You will begin to be charged the monthly machine package fee for Kapseli.

The pause can be ordered through our customer service. The minimum pause is two calendar months and the maximum pause is the duration of the Kapseli order in question. The period of notice for the pause is one calendar month.

The processing time for all Kapseli orders is one month.


ProductPriceFurther information
Pause processing feeEUR 245,00 + VAT 24%The processing fee is invoiced as part of new pause orders and when ordering an extension to a pause.
Monthly feeEUR 87,00 + VAT 24%Billed per month for the duration of the pause order.