Before logging in, please make sure that your username is registered and ready to use. If you are not sure whether your account is ready for use, contact your Findata contact person or the Kapseli helpdesk:

How to log in to Kapseli

  1. Install Duo Mobile app ( to your phone and activate it. The developer is Duo Security Inc. If you’ve already installed and activated the app go to point 2.
    • Installing: find Duo Mobile from your phones app store and install it.
    • Activating: the phone numbers reported when ordering Kapseli will get an automatic activating message for Duo Mobile. The app is activated by clicking the link in the activating message.
  2. Log in Kapseli at using your computers browser.
    • Choose the identification method from the list that you chose while registering.
  3. Choose the operating environment you’re going to use. If you have just one operating environment in use go to the next section.
    • After choosing the environment the system goes to the second phase of identification.
  4. The second phase of identification.
    • Log in the operating environment.
    • You’ll get a notification about logging in to Duo Mobile. To approve the log in choose ‘Approve’ in Duo Mobile.