I can’t open the Kapseli login page – what should I do?

If you get an error message, e.g. “400 bad request header field too long”, try the following:

  • Make sure you are using your organisation’s network (VPN).
  • Try to log in to Kapseli with another browser. Supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox. Please note that the Virtu-service does not work in Firefox.
  • Try logging in to Kapseli in incognito mode or delete cookies from your browser.

The problem may also occur because you are trying to log in from a different IP address than the one you have provided to Findata.

The IP address you have provided may be a private one, or it may be a single address from a wider network range of the organisation, in which case it may vary within the range. In these cases, please check with your organisation’s support to find out what your correct IP address is. It can be a single public IP address or the IP address of an entire network domain. Deliver your correct IP address to the Kapseli helpdesk so that the firewall can be opened.

Verify your IP address here (apps.csc.fi)

If these steps do not help, please contact the Kapseli helpdesk and explain the steps you have taken in your message.

Kapseli Helpdesk: kapseli@findata.fi