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Should you have any questions, please drop us a line at info@findata-renewal.thl-sivustot.fi-r.seravo.com or call us on +358 29 524 6500 (open weekdays 9am – 11am and 12pm – 4pm EET.)

What is Findata?

Finland’s social welfare and health care data resources are particularly extensive and of exceptionally high quality, and they have been utilised for research and statistical purposes for decades.

However, previously those in need of data have had to submit separate permit applications to each controller. This has resulted in overlapping administrative work and wasted time. In addition, the practices for data disclosure have varied.

Findata centralises the processing of data permits. We are a new data permit authority, which improves data security for the secondary use of social welfare and health care resources and makes it possible to utilise them more effectively.

In short, Findata is a one-stop shop for the secondary use of health and social data.

Please find our Services for customers here.

What kind of data is available through Findata?

Below you can see an overview illustration of the data resources that are available through Findata. Please find a comprehensive list of data controllers on our Data page.

Still confused?

Here’s a PDF presentation we hope will clears things up a bit.