Findata developes Finnish secondary use services in the FinHITS project

The EU-funded FinHITS project aims to strengthen the Finnish health data infrastructure and promote efficient and secure secondary use of health data. The development work will be carried out in cooperation with different actors within the field of secondary use.

Findata has launched the FinHITS project, co-funded by the European Commission, which aims to make secondary health data services more user-friendly and efficient.

“We already have a set of basic secondary use services in Finland, which we can now develop with significantly more resources. The project will also prepare us for the requirements of the European Health Data Space (EHDS), such as cross-border infrastructure,” says Maari Parkkinen, Development Manager at Findata.

Development work seeks to benefit the whole ecosystem

Stakeholder participation is key at every stage of the project.

“Secondary use of health data is a collaborative effort and we welcome the input from our customers, data controllers, public authorities and our European stakeholders. It is important that the services are designed to meet the needs of different users,” says Parkkinen.

In addition to Findata’s e-service and processing environment, other key services for secondary use will also be developed, such as the national data catalogue. The project will also develop solutions to support data quality.

“Our goal is to create a set of services that are as user-friendly as possible and that are already compatible with the EHDS infrastructure,” Parkkinen explains.

First steps of the project are already underway

The first new service has already been launched with the FinHITS project. Customers can now book an appointment for a personal consultation with a Findata expert via an appointment calendar.

“We have received very positive feedback about the appointment service,” says Satu Sandholm, project coordinator of the FinHITS project.

A customer survey on digital services for secondary use was conducted in March. The results of the survey will be used to refine the project’s plans. “In the initial phase of the project, the most important thing is to create a comprehensive snapshot of the current situation and the needs for development,” says Sandholm.

FinHITS will be officially launched at a kick-off event in early April, where the secondary use sector will gather to plan future services for secondary use.


Maari Parkkinen

Development Manager +358 29 524 7602

Satu Sandholm

Project coordinator, FinHITS +358 29 524 7153

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