Findata’s application forms have been renewed

We have renewed all our application forms during March-May 2023. The goal of the renewal is to make applying easier and minimize additional information requests sent to applicants.

In Findata’s e- service at, you can find new forms for all different application types: data permits, amendment permits and data requests. In addition, we have updated Kapseli’s order and change form.

The new form versions are more comprehensive and instructive than before. In addition, a language maintenance has been done to their texts. The updated forms have been published one at a time during March and May.

The background system of the e-service has also been updated to a new version in connection with last week’s maintenance outage on May 25. The version update has simplified some functions and increased the stability of the service.

Do this if you have a draft application made on the old form

If you have a draft application completed in an older form template that has not yet been sent to Findata, we recommend filling in the information on the new form.

The draft application completed on the old application form cannot be directly copied into a new application. Please start filling a new application from the beginning and copy the information from the draft for each field.

Applications filled in on the old form can still be sent for processing, but then we will have to request for additional information.

Please note: If the application has been returned to you for completion, do not create a new application, but complete the information in the returned application.

See also


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Data permits

See the instructions for filling out the data permit application and the questions asked on the form. Read more Data permits

Amendment permits

An amendment application allows the applicant to apply for changes to previous, currently valid permits. Read more Amendment permits

Data requests

Use a data request to apply for statistical, anonymous data from Findata. Read more Data requests