Findata’s service and decision fees will change in 2024 – cheaper prices for researcher-driven research

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has issued a decree on Findata’s customer fees for 2024. Reduced decision fees are intended to support researcher-driven register research and promote the secondary use of social and health data.

Based on the decree of public charges that will enter into force on 1 January 2024, the prices of data permits and Findata’s service fees will change. The prices of limited and extensive data permits will be reduced while the prices of normal data permits and hourly work will increase slightly.

The prices of data permits for applicants established outside the EU or EEA will stay the same as before.

Reduced fee category aims to support researcher-driven research

Based on the statements on the draft decree, a new fee category is formed for researcher-driven research. The prices of normal and extensive data permits and data requests are 50 per cent lower for researcher-based research.

The purpose of the reduced fee category is to improve the possibilities for researcher-based studies to carry out register research. This also supports the objective of the Secondary Use Act to promote the secondary use of social and health data.

The researcher-driven research means research that is conducted without external funding or with funding from a public health care unit, university, research institute or other public or non-profit association. The applicant must be established in an EU or EEA country and the application must be accompanied by an explanation of how the research will be funded.

The decree applies to decisions and data processing made in 2024

The decree is valid from 1 January to 31 December 2024 and affects all permit and data request decisions made during that time. The decree therefore also sets prices for data requests and applications for data and amendment permits that were pending before the decree entered into force.

The decree also determines the costs of Findata’s hourly data processing and other work. If the permit decision has been made in 2023, but the material will be processed in 2024, hourly work will be determined on the basis of the decree for 2024.

We will update the Pricing-page with new information on Tuesday 2 January 2024.

Decree of public charges for Findata’s customer fees in Finnish (

Findata’s permit and decision fees in 2024

Data permits

  • Limited data permit: 300 EUR (year 2023: 600 EUR )
  • Norma data permit : 1 400 EUR (year 2023: 1 300 EUR )
    • Normal data permit for researcher-driven research: 700 EUR
  • Extensive data permit, when the applicant is established in an EU or EEA country: 2 000 EUR (year 2023: 3 000 EUR )
    • Extensive data permit for researcher-driven research: 1 000 EUR
  • Data permit, when the applicant is established outside the EU or EEA: 3 000 EUR
  • Data permit for a thesis: 250 EUR

Amendment permits

  • Minor amendment or change: 300 EUR
  • Other amendment or change: 600 EUR

Data request decisions

  • Data request: 2 500 EUR
  • Data request for researcher-driven research: 1 250 EUR
  • Data request for a thesis: 250 EUR

Hourly based fees

Hourly fee for data combining, pre-processing, pseudonymisation and anonymisation.

  • 147 EUR/hour (year 2023: 135 EUR /hour)


Essi Suonvieri
Senior specialist, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
tfn. 0295 163 137

Johanna Seppänen
Director, Findata
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