Kapseli user: Changes in enabling CRAN mirror repository on RStudio

We are discontinuing the old method of enabling R program’s CRAN repository on May 1st 2023, where CRAN packages were directly used pre-installed with the library(“PACKAGE”) command.

From now on, Kapseli users install the R packages themselves in Kapseli with the install.packages(“PACKAGE”) command. If you prefer to use the GUI to install packages, you can find it in RStudio under Tools > Install Package.

You can find more detailed instructions in the Kapseli user guide.

We recommend to implement the new method of enabling the CRAN repository as soon as possible. The implementation of the new method does not affect the work done in Kapseli. If you encounter problems with implementation or need additional information, send an email to Kapseli support at kapseli@findata.fi.

Why is the old deployment method being removed?

The old method is heavy for RStudio and prone to crashes. In addition, the old way is heavy also in terms of maintenance and usability, and updating packages is tedious.

The new way is a more sustainable solution in terms of maintenance. RStudio runs faster and is less prone to crashes.

In addition, we can offer fresh packages to customers much faster than before, because updating packages is easier. From the user’s point of view, only the packages that the user himself needs need to be included in R’s library.

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