1. Use your web browser to go to https://siirto.findata.fi/
  2. Log into the Nextcloud transfer service
    • Log into all Findata services and systems using the same authentication method.
    • The front page shows a folder with the title of the data permit decision’s journal number. Verify that the journal number is correct.
    • Inside the folder is a file called journal_number.txt. Verify that the journal number is correct.
  3. Create a new folder on your computer. Make sure that the folder is not accessible to persons other than those authorized to process the data.
  4. Download the following three files from Nextcloud to this folder:
    • Findata Encryption Tool (found in folder named Encryption Tools)
    • csc.pub (found in folder named Encryption Tools)
    • the journal_number.txt file

To download the file, click the three dots after the file and select ‘Download’.

  1. Compress all the files you want to transfer into a single .zip file and move them to the folder you previously created
    • Make sure that the zip file size does not exceed 4 GB
    • Include in the .zip file the data descriptions
    • Include in the .zip file the data descriptions
    • Do not password protect the .zip files
    • Make sure the file is in the format specified in the data delivery request
    • Make sure that the file name does not contain spaces or special characters (/,? +) [). The following special characters are permitted: dots, hyphens, and underscores (.- _)
  2. Open from the folder the Findata Encryption Tool
  3. Select the file for encryption
    • The file you are encrypting is the zip file you created in step 5. Select a file by pressing ‘Select File’ (see image below)
  1. Select ‘Start Encryption’ to begin the encryption process (see image below)
  1. Two new files will have appeared in your folder on the machine:
    • one .c4gh file and
    • one .json file
  2. Open the folder that matches the project’s journal number in Nextcloud
  3. Upload both files you created in step 9 to that Nextcloud folder
  4. Now, your Nextcloud folder should contain three files:
    • journal_number.txt
    • one .c4gh file
    • one .json file
  5. Log out of the system.
  6. Notify data@findata.fi when the data has been transferred.
  7. Once the Findata processor has confirmed that your data has been transferred successfully, you must permanently delete all personal data from the extraction folder you created on your computer. Not therefore from the Nextcloud folder, but from the folder you created yourself.
  8. Empty the Recycle Bin on your computer in case you’ve delivered personal data.