Addition of data other than referred by the Secondary Use Act

  • The addition of other data than referred in the Secondary Act can only be applied by the amendment of the data permit if the original permit has been granted by Findata.
  • Freely describe the data to be combined and tell where the data comes from (data controller, survey material etc.), the format of the files and for which target group the data is extracted.
  • Fill in preliminary information about data to be combined.
    • In case the data set includes data in more than one format (pdf, Excel, csv etc.), add all different formats on their own rows.
    • Deliver the tables (which Findata needs to pseudonymize) in csv or SAS-format.
    • Size of the files: If the data is in table format, provide an estimate of the number of rows and columns.
    • Special notes: Explain which variables or sections include direct or indirect identifiers. Examples: an address variable; a text variable including names; or the names of the figure or pdf-files include personal identification code.
  • Indicate, what is the (legal) basis for the use of data that is not covered by the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data.
  • Note! Do not attach data to this application. Findata will provide instructions on how to deliver the data securely.