Extension to the period from which data is extracted

  • The extension to the period from which data is extracted can only be applied by the amendment of the data permit if the original permit has been granted by Findata, or by the controller that has subsequently transferred its authority to grant permits to Findata.
  • List the registers for which you want to extend the the period from which data is extracted.
  • Define variables using the extraction description form (download Word-file, 51,2 kb).
    • Download and fill in the form according to the instructions. Contact the controllers directly and go through the extraction description with the controllers before submitting the application.
    • Attach the completed extraction description forms in Word file format. The extraction description form is required in Word file format, as Findata or the controllers may have to make changes to it.
    • Information on different registers and the data contents of the registers (variable names, descriptions of variables, time period extracted from the register, etc.) is available in the Data Resources Catalogue (aineistokatalogi.fi).