The processing of applications can be divided into five stages, which can be preceded by the applicant independently contacting to a controller. The process is shown in text after the graph.

  1. The applicant contacts controllers directly before sending an application, if they need additional information on the data or variables or they need help with drawing up an extraction description.
    • The applicant can also make an agreement on the implementation of data extraction in a certain manner with the controller. If the customer and the controller’s contact person have agreed for example that a clinician, who is part of the research team will extract the data free of charge, the application’s Additional information section should include information on who this was agreed on with and in what context.
  2. The applicant submits their application or requested additional information to Findata in the e-services at
    • If the applicant is only submitting additional information, the clarifications can, depending on the case, also be submitted by e-mail.
  3. Our application processors check applications and their appendices to ensure that these contain all the necessary information.
    • Where necessary, we will return an incomplete application for completion or we will submit a request for further clarification to the applicant.
  4. When all the extraction descriptions have been completed, we will send additional information and cost estimate requests to the controllers whose information is requested in the application.
    • The purpose of the request is to determine the feasibility of the requested extraction and the maximum cost estimate for the extraction.
    • According to the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data, the controllers have 15 working days to respond to this request. Where necessary, controllers may ask for additional details to the request, in which case we will forward the questions to the applicant.
    • At this stage, we will also determine Findata’s internal cost estimate, which comprises our own data processing costs.
  5. Once all the cost estimates have been received, the applicant will be presented with a final extraction description and a maximum cost estimate for approval.
    • The applicant must accept both in order for the permit to be granted.
    • Please note that it will not be possible to change the extraction conditions after this, and that changes made to the extracted data later on will require a separate application.
  6. We at Findata will issue a positive data permit or data request decision.
    • Please note, that data permits are always for a fixed period. If data needs to be saved for a purpose such as the verification of research or the you intend to renew your permit or the extractions must be updated at certain intervals, include these needs in your application.