How to expediate the processing of your data request

The application processing time will be affected by the content of the application (in particular, the accuracy of the data request description), the current application processing situation and controllers’ response times. If there are any ambiguities related to your application, contact the controller directly and Findata’s advisory service to expediate processing

You can expediate the processing of your application:

  • Complete the application carefully.
  • Determine the information need and the register-specific data extractions as accurately as possible before sending the request. Submit an empty sample table for each of the statistics you have requested so that the row and column variables are clearly marked.
  • Contact controllers directly if you need more information about the data or variables. In accordance with the Act on Secondary Use of Data, data controllers provide advisory services concerning their own data and are the best placed to do so. For more information, see the Data page. You can also utilise the Data catalogue.