How will the compilation of the applied for data proceed?

Once we have issued a data permit or made a decision on a data permit, there are five different staged for the compilation of data and its pre-processing. The process is shown in text after the graph.

  1. We will send the data requests to the controllers so that extraction can begin. Each controller has 30 working days to submit the requested data to Findata.
    • Depending on the nature of the project and the extraction, this phase may include several consecutive parts, such as 1. extraction of the target group; 2. extraction of the controls; 3. extraction of data.
  2. We will begin to process the sent data. As agreed on for each project, we will check, combine and pseudonymise the data or make statistics on them in accordance with a data request.
  3. The completed data will be handed over to the permit holder in an agreed-upon secure operating environment. Findata’s secure remote operating environment Kapseli is the statutory primary option. The data can be disclosed to other operating environments, if this is necessary for the completion of the project.
    • The target time for the handing over of data is 60 working days. The target time will not be possible if a target group is not given immediately after the decision has been made, data extraction is carried out in several stages, deliveries by data controllers are delayed or the data is exceptionally complex.
  4. The permit holder has 30 working days to review the material. The permit holder must notify Findata within this given time period of any comments they wish to make on the material.
    • Check the data thoroughly as soon as possible. Errors that occur during extraction can accumulate, if, for example, the target group has been formed incorrectly and other controllers must carry out their own extractions all over again for this reason.
  5. We will remove the data from our own systems 3 months after it has been handed over. We will retain the code keys for pseudonymised data that will enable the data to be reproduced.
    • Data permits are always for a fixed period. If data needs to be saved for a purpose such as the verification of research or the you intend to renew your permit or the extractions must be updated at certain intervals, include these needs in your application.