The digital signature of Findata’s encryption tool has changed – download the new version

24 March 2023

The signature on the tool used to encrypt data before sending it to Findata has changed. We have published a new version of the tool with a new signature on 9 March 2023. If you have downloaded the tool from the transfer service Nextcloud before 9 March 2023, you need download the new version from

How do I download the new version of the encryption tool?

The tool can be downloaded just like the old version. The new version can be found under the Salaustyökalut folder with file name Findata Encryption Tool.exe in the Nextcloud transfer service.

What happens if I do not download the new version?

If you don’t download the new version, it’s possible that the tool will not work, depending on the settings of your computer. Even though the old version might still work after, we strongly recommend you to download the new version for security reasons.

Are there any changes to the way the tool works?

No, there are no changes to the way the tool works.

What does “the signature of the encryption tool” mean?

The encryption tool is signed using a digital signature. The signature tells the user that the tool is from a trusted source, similar to how a certificate on a website indicated that the website is what it says it is and that a third party has not modified or forged it. Certificates are typically valid for few years at most, which means they have to be renewed on a regular basis. The encryption tool Findata provides is made by CSC.