FinRegistry dataset collection now available from Findata

Findata has published a new ready-made dataset collection consisting of registry data collected in the FinRegistry research project and research data generated from them. Extractions from the material will be tailored for each project.

FinRegistry is a joint research project of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki, which examines register data covering the whole Finnish population. Now the vast majority of the register data used in the study is available directly from Findata.

The material includes data from Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV), Cancer Registry, Finnish Centre for Pensions (ETK), Kanta services, Kela, THL and Statistics Finland. It contains over 20 datasets and covers data from several decades.

“A special thank you to the FinRegistry research project for making this possible and for suggesting it. It’s great that such a comprehensive dataset collection can be put to wider use,” says Peija Haaramo, Chief Specialist at Findata.

The FinRegistry ready-made dataset collection has been developed as part of the FinHITS project co-funded by the European Union.

FinRegistry data is available faster and cheaper

The FinRegistry data differs from the previous Findata COVID-19 ready-made dataset in that it does not have predefined datasets or modules, but the extraction is always tailored to the needs of the applicant. Findata ensures that the principle of minimization is fulfilled and pseudonymises the data.

The process of applying for a data permit that consists of the FinRegistry data is shorter than for a standard data permit, as the feasibility and cost of extracting the data does not need to be separately requested from the data controllers. This also means that the dataset is likely to be available at a lower cost.

“We at Findata assess the feasibility and costs of the planned extractions. The dataset can also be used, for example, to select target or control groups for data permits that involve data other than the data in the FinRegistry material,” Haaramo says.

The cost of a data permit solely to the FinRegistry dataset collection is 300 euros. For data extraction, a fee based on an hourly rate is charged, which is 147 euros per hour in 2024. If additional data are combined with FinRegistry dataset collection, the price of a standard data permit will apply.

How to apply for the FinRegistry data

You can apply for the FinRegistry data by using the data permit application form in Findata’s e-service ( The use of FinRegistry data to define the target group is also done on the application form.

The required variables need to be listed on the extraction description form in accordance with the data descriptions. Data descriptions can be found in the Data Catalogue ( in English and Finnish.


Peija Haaramo

Chief Metadata Specialist

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