Päivitetty 12.05.2022

Ready-made datasets

Our aim is to provide our customers pre-processed data on thematic entities in 2022.

The pre-processed data comprise ready compiled and processed data entities, which are available more quickly, and without cost estimates or excerpts requested from the controller.

Permission for the use of pre-processed data is applied for the same way as for other data, but these cannot be customised or edited to suit the needs of the customer in the same manner as other data. However, modular implementation ensures the realisation of the principle of minimisation and that the customer can compile an entity from the modules that best suits them.


  • Starter pilot with pre-processed data the theme of which is COVID-19
  • Timetable: end of the year 2022
  • The same principles apply to the application and granting of permits as for all other processing of Findata applications.
  • Pre-processed data includes personal identity codes, meaning they can be linked to other data
  • The disclosed pre-processed data will be pseudonymised separately for each customer and permit.
  • Data descriptions will be entered in the Data Catalogue

Method of implementation: Modules

  • Not just one large pre-processed data entity, but each piece of pre-processed data will be divided into thematic modules
  • The permit applicant can
    • either request all the modules, which then together form the entire process-processed data entity in question, or
    • request just a few modules that meet their own needs

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