Can the data I received via Findata be combined to other information?

Data referred to in the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data can be combined to other information, such as data a person has collected themselves or data accessed with some other permit. As a rule, Findata or a statistics authority combines the data.

If you wish to combine data later on to data you have received via Findata, send an amendment application for the data to be combined. For more information please see the Amendment permits -page.

If you are applying to have data accessed with an individual’s consent to be combined with data that Findata has issued a permit for, the research subject’s notification and consent models must be attached to the application.

If the data have been accessed with the permission of other actors, list the following information in the application:

  • Permit record number, issuer, date of decision.
  • If the permit process is pending, the party to whom the application was submitted and the permit process start date.
  • A brief description of the information content of other data.
  • Do not attach permits for other data to the application. The application processor will ask for these separately of necessary.

See the instructions for sending data on the page Data transfers to Findata.