The FinHITS project comprises nine distinct work packages, each playing an important role in the project:

  • Work Packages 1–4 are dedicated to supporting project management functions to ensure smooth coordination and execution.
  • Work Packages 5–9 constitute the core of the project, focusing on key activities and initiatives to achieve our objectives.

Project management

Work Package 1: Coordination

We manage and coordinate the project along with its implementation, including monitoring and reporting.

Work Package 2: Dissemination

We communicate project results and deliverables through dissemination campaigns, education and training. In addition, we develop the service desk to offer better services for international data users and stakeholders.

Work Package 3: Evaluation

We assess whether we are achieving our objectives by establishing and monitoring performance indicators.

Work Package 4: Sustainability

We ensure the implementation and maintenance of digital capabilities after the project.

Core packages

Work Package 5: Data Access Application Management System

We develop a portal integrated with the metadata catalogue, which allows applicants to describe the data and extractions they need and to select data sets. The purpose of the portal is to facilitate efficient co-operation between applicants and multiple data controllers.

Work Package 6: National Dataset Catalogue for health data

We improve the national dataset catalog for health data, focusing especially on international users.

Work Package 7: Secure Processing Environment for health data

We strengthen our secure processing environment Kapseli by improving computing power and the use of licensed software. We are also developing user-friendly automated tools to facilitate anonymisation of the results and the verification of anonymity.

Work Package 8: Cross-border gateway

We take part in developing a technical solution for the cross-border transfer of health data for secondary use, making use of the outcomes of the HealthData@EU Pilot (

Work Package 9: Health data quality

We provide solutions and instructions to improve the quality of health data. We will produce two ready-made datasets and update the national guidelines and instructions on data descriptions where necessary.

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