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Data requests

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General instructions and notes for using the online form

Data requests are submitted by completing an online form in Findata’s data request management system which is available at https://lupa.findata.csc.fi/ (the link opens in a new window). You can log in to the system using Suomi.fi e-Identification.

Please find the technical releases related to the Health and Social Data Permit Authority Findata’s systems, such as maintenance outages, system malfunctions and operating restrictions here: Technical releases

Currently, the system automatically logs the applicant out after a certain time limit, and the form is not saved automatically. We advise to to save your unfinished application approximately every 15 minutes.

We have detected problems when using Internet Explorer. We recommend using other browsers.

In case of problems, you can contact our Help Desk by e-mail: info@findata.fi.

Currently, the identification and thus, submitting a data request, is possible for persons who have a personal identity code registered in the Finnish Population Information System. The deployment of other identification methods is underway.

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Instructions for submitting a data request

You can apply for data from Findata by submitting a data request. Findata compiles anonymous statistical data for you from the datasets of various controllers. For the time being, it is advisable to look for information on the data content of the registers kept by controllers under the scope of Findata’s operations at the controllers’ websites.

In addition to the applicant’s information, descriptions on the content of the statistics, the data to be extracted, restrictions to the data, and the data sources, i.e. registers, are requested in the data request form. Specifying a purpose of use as per the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data (552/2019) is required when submitting a data request concerning statistical data. In addition, the data request form asks you to provide details for the delivery and billing of the data material.

A fee is charged for the decision concerning the data request and for the compiled statistical data. The final price of the service is determined based on the decision fee and hourly rate of compiling and processing data laid down in the payment decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

In addition to the fees charged by Findata, the final price is affected by the data extraction and delivery fees based on the decrees concerning the controllers.

When commencing the processing of a data request, Findata requests the controllers to provide a price estimate for the extraction of the required data and conveys the information to the applicant who can either accept or reject the price estimate. The final price of the statistical data is confirmed after disclosing the data. A separate processing fee is charged for any expired and negative decisions.

Data requests can be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English.

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